Residence Demos and Clubs Days

Curious about our Club? Come check us out on Clubs Days, or join us in our Residence Demos! Dates posted below:

Dates September 17th September 18th September 22th September 23th
Where? Place Vanier Walter Gage Totem Park Marine Drive
When? 6:00-8:00 5:00-7:00 6:00-8:00 7:00-9:00

During Clubs Days, UBC Dance Club can be found in Great Hall South of the UBC Nest. Clubs Days of UBC is from the 23rd of September to the 25th of September. Be sure to join us!

Don’t forget to check out our free classes on these days!
Dates September 24th September 28th September 29th September 30th
Where? SUB Ballroom AMS Nest Great Hall South SUB 214/216 SUB 207/209
When? 5:00-6:30 6:00-7:30 6:30-8:00 8:30-10:00